Australian Dollar(AUD) Exchange Rate

AUD (Australian Dollar) is the widely used currency in every international transaction. AUD can be traded with many other international currencies. The Australian Dollar (AUD) is raising as a well-liked currency pair out of the foreign pairs group. In this page from Penny Converison you will get the current exchange rates of Australian Dollar.

The Australian dollar uses both coins and bank notes. The highest coin value is $2 the lowest being 5 cents. The highest currency not of the country is $100 dollars.

Other notes include $5, $10, $20, $50 and the last one is the $100. The coins come in multiple of ten and five that is 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and finally the $2 coins. Each note contains a different image of a prominent personality in the Australian country. The coins on the other side have the queen embedded on their front while their backs have different embedment.

Short codeAUD
Long codeAustralian Dollar
Symbol$, A$, AU$
Coins1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1, $2
Banknotes$5, $10, $20, $50, $1, $2, $100
Central Bank NameReserve Bank of Australia
Central Bank Website
CountryAustralia, Kiribati, Nauru, Tuvalu

World Currencies Cross Table

Exchange Rates Updated: Monday, 29-Nov-21 02:57:16 UTC

Country Pairing Exchange
United States Dollar AUD/USD 0.714
Euro AUD/EUR 0.633
British Pound AUD/GBP 0.536
Japanese Yen AUD/JPY 81.133
Swiss Franc AUD/CHF 0.661
Canadian Dollar AUD/CAD 0.91
Chinese Yuan AUD/CNY 4.564
Hong Kong Dollar AUD/HKD 5.571
Russian Rouble AUD/RUB 53.475
Mexican Peso AUD/MXN 15.498
South African Rand AUD/ZAR 11.519
Albanian Lek AUD/ALL 76.478
Algerian Dinar AUD/DZD 99.408
Argentine Peso AUD/ARS 72.185
Bahamian Dollar AUD/BSD 0.714
Bahraini Dinar AUD/BHD 0.269
Bangladesh Taka AUD/BDT 61.3
Barbados Dollar AUD/BBD 1.443
Belize Dollar AUD/BZD 1.44
Bhutan Ngultrum AUD/BTN 53.507
Bolivian Boliviano AUD/BOB 4.934
Botswana Pula AUD/BWP 8.451
Brazilian Real AUD/BRL 3.977
Brunei Dollar AUD/BND 0.979
Bulgarian Lev AUD/BGN 1.234
Burundi Franc AUD/BIF 1427.408
Cambodia Riel AUD/KHR 2908.397
Cape Verde Escudo AUD/CVE 69.977
CFA Franc (BCEAO) AUD/XOF 416.858
CFA Franc (BEAC) AUD/XAF 415.561
Chilean Peso AUD/CLP 594.432
Colombian Peso AUD/COP 2862.674
Comoros Franc AUD/KMF 311.486
Costa Rica Colon AUD/CRC 457.036
Croatian Kuna AUD/HRK 4.753
Cuban Peso AUD/CUP 18.932
Czech Koruna AUD/CZK 16.251
Danish Krone AUD/DKK 4.707
Djibouti Franc AUD/DJF 126.966
Dominican Peso AUD/DOP 40.472
East Caribbean Dollar AUD/XCD 1.931
Egyptian Pound AUD/EGP 11.262
Ethiopian Birr AUD/ETB 33.756
Fiji Dollar AUD/FJD 1.518
Indonesian Rupiah AUD/IDR 10255.69
Indian Rupee AUD/INR 53.476
Gambian Dalasi AUD/GMD 37.453
Guatemala Quetzal AUD/GTQ 5.529
Guinea Franc AUD/GNF 6715.533
Guyana Dollar AUD/GYD 149.482
Haiti Gourde AUD/HTG 70.594
Honduras Lempira AUD/HNL 17.278
Hungarian Forint AUD/HUF 233.743
Iceland Krona AUD/ISK 93.039
Iran Rial AUD/IRR 30202.038
Iraqi Dinar AUD/IQD 1042.694
Israeli Shekel AUD/ILS 2.276
Jamaican Dollar AUD/JMD 111.264
Jordanian Dinar AUD/JOD 0.507
Kazakhstan Tenge AUD/KZT 311.695
Kenyan Shilling AUD/KES 80.358
Korean Won AUD/KRW 852.287
Kuwaiti Dinar AUD/KWD 0.216
Lao Kip AUD/LAK 7747.867
Lebanese Pound AUD/LBP 1094.846
Lesotho Loti AUD/LSL 11.617
Liberian Dollar AUD/LRD 101.625
Libyan Dinar AUD/LYD 3.297
Macau Pataca AUD/MOP 5.739
Macedonian Denar AUD/MKD 39.034
Malawi Kwacha AUD/MWK 583.323
Malaysian Ringgit AUD/MYR 3.029
Maldives Rufiyaa AUD/MVR 11.038
Mauritania Ougulya AUD/MRO 255.047
Mauritius Rupee AUD/MUR 30.706
Moldovan Leu AUD/MDL 12.696
Mongolian Tugrik AUD/MNT 2041.965
Moroccan Dirham AUD/MAD 6.601
Myanmar Kyat AUD/MMK 1279.445
Namibian Dollar AUD/NAD 11.616
Nepalese Rupee AUD/NPR 85.611
New Zealand Dollar AUD/NZD 1.045
Nicaragua Cordoba AUD/NIO 25.165
Nigerian Naira AUD/NGN 292.833
North Korean Won AUD/KPW 642.977
Norwegian Krone AUD/NOK 6.446
Omani Rial AUD/OMR 0.275
Pakistani Rupee AUD/PKR 126.093
Papua New Guinea Kina AUD/PGK 2.522
Paraguayan Guarani AUD/PYG 4876.863
Peruvian Nuevo Sol AUD/PEN 2.879
Philippine Peso AUD/PHP 35.965
Polish Zloty AUD/PLN 2.978
Qatar Rial AUD/QAR 2.601
Romanian New Leu AUD/RON 3.134
Rwanda Franc AUD/RWF 719.777
Samoa Tala AUD/WST 1.832
Saudi Arabian Riyal AUD/SAR 2.68
Seychelles Rupee AUD/SCR 10.47
Sierra Leone Leone AUD/SLL 7945.761
Singapore Dollar AUD/SGD 0.979
Solomon Islands Dollar AUD/SBD 5.761
Somali Shilling AUD/SOS 417.22
Sri Lanka Rupee AUD/LKR 144.681
Sudanese Pound AUD/SDG 312.915
Swaziland Lilageni AUD/SZL 11.146
Swedish Krona AUD/SEK 6.519
Syrian Pound AUD/SYP 897.867
Thai Baht AUD/THB 24.083
Turkish Lira AUD/TRY 8.856
Taiwan Dollar AUD/TWD 19.885
Tanzanian Shilling AUD/TZS 1643.162
Tongan paʻanga AUD/TOP 1.627
Trinidad Tobago Dollar AUD/TTD 4.845
Tunisian Dinar AUD/TND 2.059
UAE Dirham AUD/AED 2.624
Ugandan Shilling AUD/UGX 2545.623
Ukraine Hryvnia AUD/UAH 19.357
Uruguayan New Peso AUD/UYU 31.523
Vanuatu Vatu AUD/VUV 79.529
Vietnam Dong AUD/VND 16199.437
Yemen Riyal AUD/YER 178.783
Uzbekistan Sum AUD/UZS 7710.003
Kyrgyzstan Som AUD/KGS 60.565
Ghanaian Cedi AUD/GHS 4.394
Belarusian ruble AUD/BYN 1.829
Afghan afghani AUD/AFN 68.763
Angolan kwanza AUD/AOA 417.935
Armenian dram AUD/AMD 345.258
Azerbaijani manat AUD/AZN 1.217
Convertible mark AUD/BAM 1.239
Congolese franc AUD/CDF 1433.123
Eritrean nakfa AUD/ERN 10.716
Georgian lari AUD/GEL 2.211
Malagasy ariary AUD/MGA 2846.957
Mozambican metical AUD/MZN 45.601
Serbian dinar AUD/RSD 74.214
Surinamese dollar AUD/SRD 15.374
Tajikistani somoni AUD/TJS 8.063
Turkmenistan manat AUD/TMT 2.508
Zambian kwacha AUD/ZMW 12.7

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